Only Dongguan: Dreams and Lies Can Come True

Basically I was a trained cop in Hamburg, Germany. After 10 years of duty I started to dislike the job due to the torturous unbroken chain of night shifts, and

Model Mandarin: Cold Drink?

Top Tip As a learner of Chinese, you are not alone. Some estimates count 30 million foreign learners of Chinese. Whether accorate or not, a huge number of people are

Comfort Food

We all have bad days that just seem worse than the rest, or short periods of meltdown in life. Perhaps we’re hung over, homesick or asking ourselves who we are,

What’s the Deal with Land Use Rights?

In the PRC, it is known that land is owned by the state or collectivities. It was not until the 1980s under Deng Xiaoping’s guidance that the land ownership and


Bar Utopia Any vigilant expat living in Dongguan for more than two years has seen this dubious fantasy go supernova before. In the vicinity of a popular local boozing staple,

For the Client

Shi Fan Wei Cantonese cuisine may not be the first choice for most foreigners when eating out, but knowing one outstanding Cantonese restaurant to dine out with local friends or

Songshan Lake Development Zone: Districts and Investments Procedures

China’s first type of development zone was the special economic zone (SEZ), which was introduced in Shantou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Zhuhai in 1979. The aim of introducing the SEZ was

Dongguan Island Hopping

Exploring Our Pearl River Delta Dongguan is not often listed among Frommer’s top tourism destinations, but with fabulous natural scenery or historic environments, there are some tranquil parts hiding from

A Dissident Mirage

Graffiti Isn’t What it Used to Be In a discussion that concerns the modern history of graffiti, it is unnecessary to mention the complete account of the public message’s ancient

This is Where I’m Supposed to Be: Stephon Marbury Q&A

Stephon Marbury is a veteran basketball star, member of the 2004 Olympic team and an international headline maker. He spent 13 years in the NBA after being drafted fourth overall