Veggies with No Meat

songfengSong Feng

The life of a vegetarian in China can be woeful when it comes to dining out. Restaurant chefs are typically exuberant about cooking up a huge wok of veggies without meat because it cuts the cost, but oftentimes use lard or animal byproducts, thus defeating the purpose. The safest bet for folks seeking greener dining is to search for one of the Buddhist vegetarian joints that have opened around Dongguan in the past few years. Adventure no further than Qifeng Mountain and find Song Feng waiting with the vegetarian in mind.

The designers weren’t too creative when drawing up the layout of Song Feng; it’s more of a utilitarian Chinese style with round tables and tiles all over. The restaurant is divided in half with one side for nosh and the other selling Buddhist paraphernalia from CDs and books to items for shrines. The menu lacks English but has pictures of the most interesting choices; specifically, the faux meat dishes. A Chinese friend may be necessary in order to delve deeper.

The sweet and sour pork tang cu pai gu (糖醋排骨) has the identical flavor and nearly the same mouth feel as the real McCoy. A hearty option would be the he jiahuan (合家欢), a plate of stir-fried black fungus, spinach and cucumber with some peanuts over bean noodles. Likewise, the xiangchun (香春) fried rice, one of the signature dishes, has a minty, fresh flavor but without the usual pool of oil at the bottom of the plate and is equally filling. Some of the other selections are more interesting only in presentation like the baiqieji (白 切鸡) chicken. It resembles the classic Cantonese chicken dish but has the mouth feel and a taste similar to Spam.

There are also several Dim sum dishes to satisfy a sweet tooth. Try the savory coconut pancake yesibing (椰丝饼) or the shengjianbao (生煎包). Song Feng is nestled in a nook on a small road no larger than a driveway across from Qifeng Mountain almost directly behind the Qinfeng Gong Yuan bus stop on Qifeng Road. It’s is a perfect choice as it’s not located in some far-flung part of the city, and it’s close to the recently conjoined Qifeng and Huying parks. It’s great for dinner after exercise.

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