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backyardBackyard Cafe & Bar

It wasn’t until settling in after the slightly disconcerting trek that looped down an alley and dog-legged into a canal- side road, that this comfortably romantic setting opened up the darkness. Upon taking a seat, the bartender served the gentleman before the lady, but was good enough to be embarrassed about it, with a “sorry,” and a bashful smile.

The private spot, lives up to the name Backyard Café and Bar because it is quiet, relaxing and contrasts the bright, busy Nancheng barbeque/bar street to which it is parallel. Old school Dongguaners may know the spot, easily recognizable by the Silverland Hotel positioned at the head of Yingfeng Road and Guantai Avenue.

As the summer creeps upon us, it is good to mention that the A/C was on without having to ask, a rarity for some leisurely, second-business bars of similar make. Along with the high-quality, low-hanging ceiling fans, the bar was at a perfect room temperature.

If in on the secret (the place is owned by a local interior decorator), it may be noticeable that the decor is slightly more of a sales model than a consistent set with a singular theme. But for the same reason all of the furniture is spotlessly luxurious. In fact, it is suggestible to track this place down if only to sit in the chamber room full of plush leather couches and chairs.

Unlike other spots, the bartender did pass the pink lady test, which is quickly becoming a standard for bar reviews around Dongguan because it is often on the drink menu, but rarely in the bartenders’ repertoire. That being said, they were unable to create the beautiful frozen drinks featured in a small majority of the drink menu due to the ice maker being broken.

The place has a bit of class which means the clientele, two full tables of them, did not clack away at dice or scream at each other. There was never a moment that such annoyances were close to breaking out. The place is a perfect date bar, or a great way to ease into a night of Yingfeng clubs and barbeque, or spend the entire evening on the double-decker outdoor patio.

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