Only Dongguan: My CBA Highlight Reel

When I was first asked to write about the experiences that could’ve only happened in Dongguan, my first response was nothing— nothing has happened to me that could not have

High on Life, Drunk on Beer

Since first learning about the yin yang, I’ve been fascinated with the concept of dualism — the ugly side of the beautiful and the good within the bad. I enjoy

What’s the Deal with an IV a Day?

Walk into a Chinese hospital or clinic’s IV zone and a forest of bottles and tubes will meet you, hooked up at every corner of the room pouring fluids into

A Classy Joint

Backyard Cafe & Bar It wasn’t until settling in after the slightly disconcerting trek that looped down an alley and dog-legged into a canal- side road, that this comfortably romantic

Veggies with No Meat

Song Feng The life of a vegetarian in China can be woeful when it comes to dining out. Restaurant chefs are typically exuberant about cooking up a huge wok of

Consumer Rights Protection: A Drafted Amendment for China

China’s Consumer Protection Law, published in 1993, has greatly contributed to the protection of consumer rights over the past two decades. However, since the country’s consumption patterns and structures have

Dragon Style: Recognizing Village Variations

Chen Zhijian inherited his studio in 2008 after his father’s departure and his own business’s failure; he confessed he learned it from scratch with a little bit of talent. As

Gods of the River

Paddling Through Dragon Boat Traditions On March 23, a gloomy, tiled boatyard in coastal Zhongtang Town attracted the attention of a Singaporean documentary crew in production on the making of

Lines Cut Cross the Border

Shilong Town’s Gray Market Affair Hundreds of angry Hong Kong protesters — men, women, young and old—blocked the Sheung Shui Station’s C2 exit. Shouting “get out, locusts!” they aimed their

Moving South: MIDI Festival Rocks Guangdong

It was just a few years ago that the cancellations of some of China’s music festivals and the rumors that followed caused concern that the country’s growing underground rock ‘n’