It’s-a Good-a



Set in a nice clean and comfortable environment, the Buonasera Italian Restaurant makes you feel at home in classic Italian trattoria style. Greeted by friendly and helpful English speaking staff made being seated quick, simple and easy.

Upon the recommendation of the waiter we ordered an antipasto plate, Italian tomato soup, a red pepper, garlic and olive oil pasta and a salami and mushroom pizza. After our order was placed we received some bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and our bottle of red wine, which is a must when dining Italian. We broke our fresh warm bread and contently took in the atmosphere while patiently awaiting the arrival of our first course.

The antipasto plate arrived making a wonderful presence on our table, a plate full of Italian cold cuts, a little caprese salad, some fresh melon, bruschetta and grilled vegetables. We enjoyed every last morsel that was once on the plate, and now comfortably rested in our hungry stomachs, which called for more of Buonasera’s kitchen concoctions.

Next to come was the Italian tomato soup in a classic tomato base with fresh basil for decoration. This was delicious, and not too little or too much. The thick rich tomato flavor was a reminder of lovely vegetable soups made from a country garden somewhere in Tuscany.

The eagerly awaited main course arrives and looks fantastic, thin crispy pizza crust, lovely cherry tomatoes tossed through al dente spaghetti and served on a funky square plate with some cute garnish. The pizza was definitely up to standard with good quality salami and rich and flavorsome tomato sauce, lovely mushrooms and, as said before, a crispy and crunchy thin pizza base which is always my preference. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the sauce was a little spicy, but smoothed with high quality olive oil and lovely authentic Grana Padano parmesan cheese.

Overall this place exceeded my expectations and I was surprised to find a nice smooth operation in Houjie. Our favorite dish was the antipasto platter and the pizza, but all was consistent and set a refreshing new standard for Dongguan Italian restaurants.

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